Bonnie Bo’ness

Prototype HST 41001 at Bo’ness ©125 Group

Prototype Power Car 41001 and 125 Group’s matching Mk3 coaches are headlining the Bo’ness & Kinneil Railway Summer Diesel Gala this weekend. The historic High Speed Train has been entertaining the enthusiasts for the past two days hauling passenger trains from Bo’ness up the stiff climb to Manuel.

Tomorrow Sunday 24th July is the last day of the gala and the Prototype HST is now planned to work the 1220, 1545 and 1900 departures from Bo’ness with our Valenta Power Car leading and hauling the these trains solo to Manuel. Note the 1220 is a new confirmed addition. For details about the B&KR click HERE, we hope you can join us for a trip on the splendid railway behind 41001.

On Monday 25th July 41001 and our Mk3 coaches 11074, 10206 and 12092 will start their homeward journey south, hauled by locomotives 20205 + 20189. The transit is expected to depart from Bo’ness Junction Exchange Siding at approx 0830 bound for York, with onward movement to Ruddington GCRN on Tuesday. More details will be posted here when available.

Prototype HST Bound for Bo’ness

HST Bubblebath ©125 Group

This weekend Prototype HST Power Car 41001 and 125 Group’s matching Mk3 coaches will be starring at the Bo’ness & Kinneil Railway Summer Diesel Gala, hauling passenger trains on the south bank of Firth of Forth between Bo’ness and Manuel. This will be the first time for 41001 working public trains in Scotland, the historic Valenta powered HST will be running on all three days Friday 22nd, Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th July. This exciting event will also feature other visiting locos plus the home diesel fleet. More information, including ticket prices and a link to the special timetable loco roster are available at the B&KR website HERE.

Our volunteers have been busy preparing the HST ready for the trip from its home base Great Central Railway (Nottingham) to Scotland. Traction for the mainline movements is planned to be 20189 + 20205, below is a summary of the booked workings with live schedule links courtesy of Realtime Trains:

Wednesday 20th July 2016

0Z20 14+56 Tyseley – Hotchley Hill/Rushcliffe Halt (arrive 17+36) via Nuneaton, Leicester, Loughborough South Jn 16/56. 20189 + 20205.

5Z41 16+30 Ruddington – Hotchley Hill/Rushcliffe Halt (arrive 17+15) via Fifty Steps (reverse), power car 41001 hauling Mk3 coaches 11074+10206+12092.

5M20 20+05 Hotchley Hill/Rushcliffe Halt – Derby (arrive 22+38) via Loughborough South Jn 20/45, Humberstone Road (run round/reverse). 20189 + 20205 hauling 41001, 11074, 10206 and 12092.

Thursday 21st July 2016

5S20 08+24 Derby – Bo’ness Junction Exchange Siding via Chesterfield, Beighton Jn, Moorthorpe, Milford, York Avoiding Line, East Coast Mainline, Newcastle, Dunbar, Monktonhall Jn, Millerhill, Suburban Line, Falkirk High, Cadder Down Passenger Loop (run round/reverse), Falkirk High, booked to arrive Bo’ness Junction Exchange Siding 23+32. 20189 + 20205 hauling 41001, 11074, 10206 and 12092. Note this movement is booked to be recessed in many loops for a great deal of time, see schedule for the full timing details.

Please note, as always, all of this information is provided in good faith but these movements, traction and consists can change at short notice on the day subject to operational constraints, the trains may run early or late or be cancelled.