125 Group is entirely run by volunteers and new recruits are always welcome. There are a wide variety of roles, our two main areas requiring volunteers at the moment are Engineering (maintaining and refurbishing our rolling stock) & Commercial (Fundraising and providing on-board services such as catering).

Volunteers assisting with restoration of 12134 © Phil Cooke

Due to the nature of the work we carry out, there are some basic requirements which have to be met:

  • Current membership of 125 Group
  • Over 18 (this is due to insurance and safeguarding requirements)
  • Some roles require membership of NHR (formerly GCRN) as our home railway 
  • Commitment of sufficient time to fulfil role (e.g., minimum of 2 working parties for engineering roles or 2 running days for commercial) 
  • Willingness to undergo training as required for role (such as safety or food hygiene) 

Some roles may have additional specific requirements, these will be provided on a case by case basis by the responsible manager or director.

Please note that the group has no paid staff and you are joining a 100% volunteer led organisation, therefore you may receive emails outside of normal working hours regarding your application!

If you are interested in the roles above or feel you have something else to offer and would like to discuss volunteering further, please fill in the contact form below and we’ll be in touch.
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