Direct Debit Donations

There is one irrefutable fact about railway preservation – it is eye wateringly expensive!

Keeping a vintage locomotive going is a massive task. We already know this through our experience with 41001. Keeping multiple vehicles running including power cars and coaches will be an even bigger and more expensive task. With the end of mainline HST operation now on the horizon we need your help more than ever.

What do we need:
It is still unknown how much longer HSTs have in mainstream service but with IEPs now off the drawing board and on the rails and AT300s also on order for Great Western Railway there is a very real possibility that HSTs will become surplus in the not too distant future.

With time against us we need to raise as much money as possible to give us the best possible chance to acquire vehicles when they are retired and, just as importantly, to keep them running once we own them. If you want to be part of this and able to enjoy the HST for many years to come, we need your help now.

The most effective way we can raise funds is by people signing up as regular contributors and this is why we have launched our direct debit contribution scheme. Regular donations, even small ones, will provide a huge boost to our preservation fund.

Anyone who becomes a regular contributor will receive free 125 Group membership* (see sign up form below). If you are already a 125 Group member your membership will be transferred to this payment method meaning no more annual renewal forms to complete. Twice a year we will draw at random a person from the direct debit donors, the lucky person being awarded a cab ride on 41001 along the length of the line from Ruddington on the GCR (Nottingham). Other benefits for those supporting us this way may also be announced from time to time.

How it works:

Our direct debit scheme is run by Go Cardless, it’s simple, quick to sign up to and secure (being covered by the Direct Debit guarantee and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority).

To keep it simple just follow the two step process below. We’ve set up a number of ‘plans’ to pick from (see below). Click the button for your desired contribution level to be taken to the Go Cardless sign up page. Enter your details as required and your bank account will then be debited by your chosen amount on your chosen date every month. Then return here to claim your free 125 Group Membership.

It really is that simple!

Step One. Sign up to your desired Direct Debit Monthly Plan:

Step Two. Claim your Free Membership:

Direct Debit Membership Signup

If you have any questions or queries regarding to the scheme please send an email to:

*Should you cancel your contributions, free membership will be terminated 12 months after your last contribution. 12 months free membership is subject to a minimum total contribution of £20.

Thank You for your support.