125 Group Membership – Joining & Renewing

Use this page to either   Join The 125 Group   or   Renew your 125 Group membership.

Become a member of The 125 Group

If you enjoy travelling on the HST, photographing them or listening to the Valenta sound of 41001 in action, then welcome home. The 125 Group would like to invite you to join us – the ONLY group totally dedicated to the InterCity 125 High Speed Trains.

Members receive a quarterly magazine  ‘One Two Five’ which contains in depth news about the HST, articles about the history of the HST and technical insights, photos, preservation updates on 41001 and member exclusives! A copy can be viewed and downloaded here 125 Group Sample Members Magazine (PDF) or by clicking on the magazine cover.

To join us :

We have a range of Monthly Direct Debit Payment Plans starting from £5.00 which help contribute regularly towards long term HST preservation AND provide you with membership of the 125 GroupFull details are here.

Or for just £17.00 per year you can take out an Annual Subscription by completing this form. If preferred you can download and print the membership form (142Kb PDF) and post it to us, or request the membership form is sent to you. Please email us if you would like a copy.

If you live outside of the UK our membership rates £20.00 for Europe and £23.00 for the rest of the world to reflecting the higher cost of sending the magazines overseas.

Members are allocated membership numbers in the 43xxx range, but for an additional one-off payment of just £1.00, you can select your own membership number within the range 43002 – 198. If you wish to select a personalised number, please insert your choice/choices on the membership form. Please note, most original power car membership numbers have already been taken – you need not make a full selection and if none of your chosen numbers is available then you will be allocated the number closest to your choice.

For any other enquiries you can send an email to: join@125group.org.uk

To Renew your membership

Thank you for your support of The 125 Group this year, we really appreciate having you as a group member.

To renew your membership you can choose one of our Monthly Direct Debit Payment Plans starting from £5.00 which help contribute regularly towards long term HST preservation AND give you automatic membership renewal each year.

Alternatively please continue to renew your membership annually on-line here.

Members Handbook

The current 125 Group Members Handbook (V2.0)  is available here for you to download. If you prefer we can post a copy by simply sending a SAE to our main address.

Thank You.