Why Project Miller?

So why Project Miller?

43048 Nameplate

We are often asked what the background story is behind the name we chose for the restoration of 41001 as to most it seems irrelevant and totally unrelated, well we named the project after Terry Miller MBE who developed the concept of the HST as we know it, spearheading the idea of the powercar at each end with coaches in between.

Terry Miller was born in 1909 and twenty years later started his railway career as an apprentice for LNER at Doncaster in 1929 working under Sir Nigel Gresley. He then worked on various projects before moving onto the role as Chief Engineer for Traction and Rolling Stock for British Railways Board at Derby, taking up the position in 1968.

It was this time when Terry Miller provided the influence and enthusiasm for the HST project in developing the Inter-City 125. The project was developed in 18 months time and was initially a stop gap until British Rail could come up with a more developed project. As I’m sure you are aware the ‘stop gap’ train is still in use today whereas trains developed afterwards have not lasted as long and had the success. The Inter-City 125 is renowned by enthusiasts and even non enthusiasts as being the saviour of British Rail at the time, revolutionising train travel.

Terry Miller retired in 1973 and died in 1989 aged 80. In 2008 Terry Miller was honoured by East Midlands Trains as they named power car 43048 after him at their Neville Hill open day, a name which the powercar still carries today.

43048 seen at Neville Hill Open Day just after its naming
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