‘OneTwoFive’ HST Diagrams Supplement


Before HST Working Diagrams were widely available on the internet and were not listed here on our own website, The 125 Group produced a twice yearly ‘HST Diagram Supplement’ for members of the Group.



Maybe you are a new member of The 125 Group and you’d like to know the authoritative details of HST workings, or maybe you missed an issue of the diagram supplement and need it to complete your collection. Whichever it is, please select the issue number(s) that you require from the drop down list below. These are a detailed and accurate listing of the many HST services operated by each train company in the period 2001 to 2006.

NOTE – We now only have a single copy remaining of each of these rare booklets!

Each booklet contains 12 pages of diagrams with a picture front cover.



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11 (Spring 2005)