11074 – AD1H First Open

Thirty eight Mark 3B First Opens were built under lot number 30982 in 1985 at Derby Litchurch Lane works for use on the West Coast main line. The Mark 3B coaches featured revised style lighting units and luggage racks compared to the earlier built Mark 3A coaches as well as built in tail lamps at the vehicle ends and revised IC80 type seats. Twenty two of the build were branded as ‘InterCity Pullman’, nineteen of which were named including 11074 which was christened ‘Thomas Brassey’ using white lettering, mid vehicle, on the red stripe. Turned out from new in InterCity Executive livery (the precursor of ‘Swallow’ livery) the Pullman coaches were for use in the Manchester, Liverpool and Lancashire Pullmans whilst the remainder of the build were for normal West Coast main line services displacing some of the Mark 3A FOs which were converted to additional RFM catering vehicles.

Following cessation of InterCity Pullman services, all of the West Coast Mark 3s operated as a common pool under InterCity and, later, Virgin Trains operation until the arrival of the Pendolinos which saw 11074 taken off lease in March 2005. Transfer to Norwich Crown Point followed later the same month where 11074 became a training vehicle at the depot, eventually being placed into store at Long Marston.

11074 undergoing a deep clean prior to return to service in 2015 © 125 Group

Purchased from Porterbrook Leasing on January 1st 2015, 11074 was moved from Long Marston to Ruddington on the Great Central Railway (Nottingham) on 28th March 2015. In April 2015 the interior went through a thorough deep clean to ensure the vehicle came up to an aesthetically pleasing standard. Work also took place to ensure the electrics, batteries and air system were in a satisfactory condition for operation. Following completion of this work, 11074 re-entered service on 24th May 2015.

Following a short period of use in the faded and scruffy colours of previous operator Virgin Trains, 11074 left Ruddington on 11th December 2015 for repainting at Wabtec’s Kilmarnock workshops. The livery this vehicle now carries is as close to the original prototype Mark 3 livery as modern railway group standards allow.

11074 left the 125 Group fleet in 2019 for service with a private owner as the vehicle was non standard compared to the rest of our MK3 fleet.

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