10202 – AJ1G Restaurant First Modular

10202 was built as HST Mark 3 Trailer Restaurant Unclassified Kitchen (TRUK) 40504 at Derby Litchurch Lane works under lot number 30884 in 1976 and originally allocated to Western Region services as part of HST set 253004. It was transferred to the Eastern Region, initially into set 254004, when the Western Region reduced their sets to convey only one catering vehicle and became redundant when BR decided that the majority of HST services required only one catering vehicle per set.

In 1984 40504 was one of twelve redundant TRUKs that were selected for conversion to locomotive hauled RFM vehicles under the ‘Cuisine 2000’ project that saw West Coast Main Line catering converted to the ‘modular’ system whereby all stock was pre-loaded to modules that could be quickly wheeled on to the train at principal stations. Renumbered to 10202 in 1987 as the first production RFM vehicle, conversion involved removal of the HST three phase train supply electrical wiring and fitting of standard 850V DC wiring with motor-alternators, fitting of conventional buffers and drop head buckeye coupling and major modifications to the kitchen and serving area.

10202 at 125 Groups operating base, GCRN just after delivery on 30th July 2018. ©125 Group

10202 operated with InterCity West Coast – with a short spell as part of the Class 91 test programme – and then Virgin West Coast until locomotive hauled services were replaced by Pendolinos, 10202 then being taken off lease. After a period of storage, 10202 was sold to spot-hire stock provider Cargo-D during 2007 and was repainted into BR blue/grey livery. It saw use on hire to Hull Trains and WSMR, as well as charter train operations. Following the end of Cargo-D operations the vehicle was sold to Arriva and stored at Long Marston.

Purchased from Arriva on 12th July 2018, 10202 was moved from Long Marston to Ruddington on the Great Central Railway (Nottingham) on 30th July 2018 for return to service repair work. It re-entered service on 25th August 2018, becoming the second former production HST vehicle to enter preservation.

As of July 2020, 10202 is undergoing conversion work following repairs.

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