When are 43048 & 43089 expected to arrive?

Our first powercars which have been kindly donated by Porterbrook are expected to arrive at some point in 2020 when they come off-lease from East Midlands Railway. Further updates will be published in One Two Five magazine or emailed to members prior to being released into the public domain.

I’d like to volunteer with 125 Group?

If you are interested in volunteering with us, please check out our volunteering page here.

How do I contact 125 Group?

You can contact the various teams at 125 Group via the contact page here.

I want to buy an HST, can you help me?

If you have a serious proposal, we would, of course, be happy to talk to you. However, we are not going to give out our contact list – it has been built up over many years and we value it. Likewise, as with any organisation, our spares, documentation, maintenance plans etc. are our IPR.

Why have you acquired locomotive-hauled Mark 3s?

We’ve made a decision to do this for two reasons. Firstly, HST ETS varies as the power rises and falls, so on a preserved line the air-conditioning will be much less effective as less time is spent in the higher power notches. Second, locomotive-hauled Mark 3s have the advantage of drop-head buckeye couplers and buffers, so can be coupled to any air-braked loco, making the coaches more useful in the long term. However, where appropriate (i.e. TGS 44000) we will also acquire HST Mark 3’s.

Are you going to put original headlights back on a preserved set?

No. There are far bigger things for us to work on than modifying headlights – changing the engine and cooler group back will be a big enough task.

I travelled on an HST on xx/xx/xx. Can you tell me what the power cars/coaches were?

Whilst we have an extensive library of historical HST records, it generally doesn’t go down to individual workings by power cars on a day-by-day basis. Your best chance of finding out would be to ask on the various forums and Facebook groups.

Are you going to preserve one of each engine type?

Every additional engine type means more spares and more time in supporting it, so in line with our objectives our plan in the long-term is to standardise on the Paxman Valenta engine and Marston cooler group. Besides, we’re not sure we’d be able to find a Mirrlees MB190.

Are you going to preserve power car 43xxx?

If and when we get the opportunity to acquire a power car, which is chosen will depend on a) what is available to us and b) the technical condition of the vehicle. Number, name or livery will not be a consideration.

What livery are you going to paint everything?

This will be decided on a per vehicle basis as and when required.

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