125 Group Limited – AGM 2019 Proxy Voting

Notice is hereby given of the Annual General Meeting for 125 Group Limited to be held at Great Central Railway (Nottingham) on Saturday 1st June 2019 at 12:20.  The venue will be on-board our Preserved HST, in the saloon of Buffet 125 vehicle 10206, whilst at Ruddington station platform 1, in-between services. 

All members are welcome to attend.  Any matters that require formal discussion at the meeting should be submitted to the 125 Group Limited registered address no later than 28 days prior to the meeting.

However if you are unable to be there in person the following polls enable you to cast your votes by proxy and will be added to votes cast at the meeting.

Q7: Agree Membership Subscription Fees for the coming year.  There is no proposal from the trustees to raise the rate of subscription:

Agree Membership Subscription Fees for the coming year.

Q8: Election of Trustees.  All trustees are re-elected on a cycling 2 yearly basis and this year the following are standing for re-election:

Elect Steve Vaughan as Major Projects and Logistics Director
Elect Tony Shaw as Component Overhaul Engineering Director
Elect Stuart Maclean as Safety and Operations Director
Elect John Zabernik as Communications and Stakeholder Management Director

Thank you for your votes which will be combined with those recorded at the AGM.

The Board of Trustees, 125 Group Limited.