– 40730 – GK1G Trailer Restaurant First Buffet – acquired November 2020

40730 was built at Derby Litchurch Lane (as all Mark 3s were) as TRUB (Trailer Restaurant Unclassified Buffet) 40330 under lot number 30940 and was delivered to Old Oak Common depot in November 1979 as part of the second batch of sets for Western Region services. Initially formed in set 253036, it was later reallocated to St. Philip’s Marsh in May 1984, before a move to Heaton in April 1985 during one of the seemingly never-ending catering car reorganisations. Conversion to TRFB and renumbering to 40730 came in October 1985, before it was reallocated to Neville Hill in September 1988. It remained at ‘NL’ from then, becoming part of the Midland Main Line fleet during the fleet changes following East Coast electrification.

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